Date Gone Wrong

Sydney Loofe, a 24 year old, thought she was going to have the time of her life on her tinder date, but she was wrong. Sydney had met Bailey Boswell on tinder and they had talked previous times on the app before going on their first date. Their first date went as planned according to Sydney. On their second date things went bad fast.

Sydney had contacted Bailey 140 times leading up to the night of her disappearance. Bailey usually contacts other people when she goes out. One of her friends, Terra Gehrig, stated that, “She usually always sent a picture of the person that she was going on a date with. She’d let us know whether it was going to be at her house, their house or in public.”

Sydney’s friends and family thought it was very strange that she wasn’t answering her calls and wasn’t showing up to work. Eventually Sydney’s mother, Susan Loofe, reported her missing on November 16th and the first of Sydney’s remains were found on December 4th. Sydney was found cut up in 14 pieces, in a trash bag, in the middle of an open field.

But Bailey didn’t murder Sydney all by herself. Aubrey Trail helped Bailey commit the murder.

It took authorities about 8 months to find all of the missing evidence and charge Boswell and Trail. Authorities later find out that the 2 lived together. Police got a search warrant and could smell a strong scent of bleach coming from the basement. There was also sections of the wall torn out in an effort to clean it. It was determined that Loofe’s cause of death was strangulation done by Trail.

When police were on Boswell and Trail’s tail. They started uploading videos on social media saying they were innocent and they were being set up by police. Boswell even confessed to being with Sydney that night, but said it went well and she hadn’t seen her since.

Later, footage was found inside of Home Depot of Trial and Boswell purchasing tools that are believed to be the weapons they used to dismembered Loofe’s body. They were at Home Depot the same day as the murder.

The tragic part of this story is that Loofe was excited to go on this date and trusted Boswell.