Premier Lacrosse League:A New Sports League Shows what it takes to be Successful

Many new professional sports leagues don’t survive, but the Premier Lacrosse League has shown what it takes to be successful for a new professional sports leagues to work. 

“We wanted to help the game and help these players who have invested so much time and sweat equity into the pro game” (Mike Rabil)

Paul Rabil and Mike Rabil are the founders of the new professional lacrosse league. The idea to start the Premier Lacrosse League was in September of 2018 when Paul was unsatisfied with the current professional lacrosse league, the M.L.L (Major League Lacrosse)

In the Premier Lacrosse League, Paul and Mike wanted to create a better playing experience for the players. They made multiple changes to the rules of lacrosse to try and make it better for the players and fans. These included, shortened fields, two-point goal line, shortened shot clocks, wings are closer on face-offs, and each team is allowed one challenge.

This graphic is important because it shows the changes in the way face-offs work in the P.L.L. versus various other lacrosse leagues like the M.L.L. or like NCAA lacrosse. In the P.L.L. the ball will be placed at the top of the head of the stick rather than in the mouth of the head when performing a face-off. Also the player’s sticks can not be on the midfield line.

A big factor in creating the Premier Lacrosse League was financially. The Major league Lacrosse offered very poor salaries and players needed multiple jobs to support themselves. In the Premier Lacrosse League, Mike and Paul wanted the players to have lives like professional athletes and not have to worry about a second job. Focus on lacrosse and lacrosse only.

As for the future of the league, Mike and Paul want to keep expanding the league by adding more players and teams. Eventually they strive to be as big as the N.F.L. or the M.L.B. As well as expanding the salaries of players in those respected  professional sports leagues. 

             A very interesting thing Mike and Paul decided to do was have a tour based league. This means they’re “homeless” teams in the P.L.L.. The are six teams, Archers, Atlas, Chaos, Chrome, Redwoods, and Whipsnakes don’t belong to a city. Every week the league will travel to a new spot in the United States or Canada and will play each of the other teams twice in a season. 

Also Playoffs in the Premier Lacrosse League work a lot different than in other professional leagues. For the first and second seeds it is double elimination, as for the third and fourth seeds, it is single elimination. With the loser bracket, teams play for the number one overall pick. In order to receive the first pick you have to win the losers bracket. 

Mike and Paul also made the decision to use a different color ball. All the way through college, players use white balls in games. When players advanced to the M.L.L., they would then use orange balls. However, in the P.L.L. they now use a neon green ball. The idea behind this was to have a ball that is extremely visible for every player on the field.