Portuguese Maestro

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best soccer player in the world and in a recent interview he revealed he could be retiring in the next two years. Greatness like Cristiano’s is extremely rare and if his fairytale of a story is coming to an end.

The Portuguese star started his career in 1992 for Sporting Clube de Portugal. In August 2003, one of the best teams in club soccer at the time, Manchester United, played against Ronaldo and Clube de Portugal. Surprisingly Manchester United suffered a 3-1 defeat in a game where Ronaldo excelled. His talent came to the attention of Alex Ferguson, who was coaching Manchester United at the time, and ultimately lead to him being transferred to United. Cristiano Ronaldo blew up at Manchester United despite his young age. He became a maestro at the art of free kicks and scored a total of 42 goals in the 2007-08 season leading him to his first Ballon D’or title. 

He was sold to Real Madrid for, at the time, a record breaking £80 Million. Many people doubted he was worth that much at such a young age but today all those doubters have been silenced. He kept developing as a player and ended up scoring 450 goals in 438 appearances for Real Madrid. With all his success and quickly becoming a household name, Cristiano became the highest paid athlete in the world at Real Madrid.

After winning his third successive Champions League title Ronaldo unexpectedly left Real Madrid for the Italian giants Juventus. He lead Juventus to a league title and is expected to lead them to a Champions league title in his time with the club.

Ronaldo has been a winner since the beginning of his career. He has received 5 Ballon D’or awards and is tied for most all time, holds the record for most goals in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and the most goals in a single UCL season. He has scored 700 goals in his career including club and country and is only the sixth player all time to do it. Moreover he is also the first to receive 4 European Golden Boots in history.

Ronaldo has already proved he is one of the greats and the last years of his career will be ones to saver.

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