Heroes Wall

          The people who might find the Heroes Wall the most meaningful could be the person honored, their parents, or their children. The wall displays photos, short messages, and a brief narrative of what the service person did while they were in uniform.

          United States soldiers do amazing things. There is no way we could completely understand everything they do and have to go through. That also means that we are unable to completely thank them for everything they have done. The Heroes Wall is a good start to thanking our soldiers. It is also a way to immortalize the sacrifice that they made.

          The wall would be a great gift for the hero being honored. It would also be a good gift for their friends and families. The friends and families will be able to go to the wall for years to come to remember everything their hero did for them and for the country.

          One hero who made me grateful was Erica Green. She was a Blackhawk Medevac pilot. She was in the United States Maine Army National Guard from March of 1993 to August of 2007. She is also a combat veteran. Erica Green was in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 to 2004.

          Although I didn’t know Erica Green, I still appreciate everything she did for the country and all the sacrifices she made. This is the whole essence of the Heroes Wall. It’s a place for people to go and appreciate the men and women who served for our country.

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