Heroes wall

In my opinion, the Heroes wall was built mainly for the families of veterans. Those, who died tragically in wars, will not know about this wall, but their loved ones will. The memory of the dead is for the living, to say goodbye, to let them go in peace. I think that the concept of funeral resembles the concept of this wall. Usually, when a person is buried, they have a tombstone on their grave for family members to visit and mourn to. Tombstones become the last legacy of the dead person, their last mark on earth literally carved in stone. That being said, I think that the Heroes wall is one last mark for all those veterans. But just like tombstone, it is not meant for the dead, it is built for the living to mourn and remember their loved veterans. Those, who have pictures of their relatives on the wall usually feel happy and excited to actually see them for themselves. Even during class trip to the wall, a girl, who had two of her grandfathers up there, was smiling and happy to remember about her dead family members.

Another group of people who might find meaning in the wall are the fellow veterans who served with these people, whether it be from the same platoon or people who have gone through the same trauma and experiences that they went through. Although the heroes on that wall are from different wars and time periods, the things they had to do and the experiences are frighteningly similar. They both probably had to lose someone close to them, go through the same intensive training that would prepare them for the struggles of war, and had to experience something that no human should ever have to go through

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