Heroes Wall

 There are three groups that The Biddeford Hero’s wall affects or has an impact on. The people on the wall, the people who put them on there, and the community. 

In my opinion, I think that the community would find the wall most meaningful. The people whose images appear on the plaques definitely feel appreciated, and the family members and friends who put them on the wall must feel like they did something good to say thank you. As for the community, I think it hits a little different. 

In school, we learn about the history and all these different wars. But seeing these people, in a town next to our own, by name written with their story’s made me realize there is so much more to what we think we know already. 

We hear broad stories that we don’t think much of, but on this wall, it shows the individuality of each person and what they went through and what they achieved. 

One plaque that caught my eye was for PFC Ernest Edwin Frick, Jr. He served in WWll from 1941-1945. His story was more on the simple side but still made me think.

These plaques vary in lots of ways. Old veterans, young veterans, men, women, people that are still serving and people that served a long time ago. But the big picture is that all of them matter, and it is a great gift to the community and we should be thankful for not only the wall but every individual whose image appears on it. 

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