Heroes Wall – Biddeford, ME

I believe that the particular group of people who would like to visit the wall are veterans.  This is because, as a civilian, there is only one familiar name on the wall that I instantly knew.  I gasped and realized that Chris Kyle, The American Sniper, was on the wall.  I am only familiar with the name Chris Kyle because of his popularity in the media. Because of this I know that he truly is a war hero and deserves to be immortalized on the wall.  

As a civilian, I can only understand heroes from history books and the news.  I have never before, nor ever want to, serve on a platoon of soldiers fighting for the free world.  To me, only people who I here about on the news and learn about their sacrifices is how I determine who is a hero and who is not a hero.

Heroes Wall

I am somebody who greatly expresses my thanks to veterans, however, I never want to see combat or anything of the sort.  That being said, I couldn’t imagine witnessing a soldier choosing to sacrifice themselves or make meaningful decisions and difficult ones.  

Thankfully, I have never been in a difficult situation, and because of this, I do not know what it is like to witness a hero first hand.  I think that if a veteran saw a familiar name on the wall they would think of the immense sacrifices and bravery that a certain soldier has made.  These veterans viewing the names on the wall would be able to remember their own experiences by reading when or where the person served.

Going to the wall as a civilian, I was able see a large amount of names, names of those who I don’t recognize, names of those who I couldn’t relate to.  I cannot relate to the experience or pain that a veteran feels everyday, even after retire their uniform.   Because I can’t relate to veterans, is why I believe veterans would appreciate the heroes wall the most because they can relate.

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