Heroes Wall – Fayth Nedeau

     Located in Biddeford, the Heroes Wall pays tribute to maine veterans, living or deceased, who have served or are still serving our country today. A news story by WGME, that covered the Heroes Wall, explained that there are “more than 300 tiles–all with a different story,” but with one purpose. The Heroes Wall acts as a way to bring the community together to remember and reflect on those who have served.

     In an interview with WGME, Derek Volk, the co-owner of Volk Packaging Corporation commented on the wall and said, “It just grew into something much bigger than I ever expected it to be.” This statement certainly summarizes the wall as it was, in the building process, probably unclear of who the wall was actually for besides the general public. In my opinion, the Heroes Wall was meant for the immediate families of maine veterans honored on the wall. 

     By immediate family I mean older family as in spouses, partners, older siblings and parents that can actually understand the impact the Heroes Wall can have. Changing from living with a person within the same household for a good portion of your life to not seeing that person at all is not an easy transition. Knowing their loved one’s work is being recognized can alleviate some tension within their family and, as silly as it sounds, can be very healthy for their mentality. It’s almost always frustrating when credit is not given where credit is due but the Heroes Wall has the power to educate mainer’s on some of the most important people from our state.  

     Not only does the wall pay tribute to maine veterans but, in a way, the wall also pays tribute to the families of fallen soldiers as the memory of hundreds of maine veterans lives on through their personalized tiles. The Heroes Wall has the ability to touch the hearts of many families who have been affected by the deployments and tragedies of their loved ones and, fortunately, the lives of many strangers as well.