Heroes Wall

Americans from every corner of our country have served in the Armed Services, often without fanfare or praise. Every single person on the Heroes Wall in Biddeford should feel more than honored. The wall to the ones who served is a special piece of them and it is highly valued.

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Charles B. Snow stould out to me the most especially the medals awarded to him from the Vietnam War. Snow had about  nine medals and badges in total. The medals and badges he was awarded were the Expert Badge M-16, Expert Badge M-14, Expert Badge- Grenade, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Purple Heart- combat wounds- loss of leg, Graduate Non-Commissioned officers School, and Scout Dog Handlers School. 

He served in the U.S. Armym as a member of the infantry. As an individual he had an important role. Being a part of the infantry meant that he was the main land combat and backbone of the army. Meaning, he was responsible for keeping our country safe from threats. Also, while capturing and destroying enemy ground forces, Snow served from 1968-1970 and earned the rank of Staff Sergeant. 


The wall, in general, seems most meaningful to the community at large. As a member of this community myself, I feel so thankful when I look at these types of things. To think someone risked their life to give other humans all these wonderful opportunities that they fought for. I honor them every day. Especially since most of the people on the wall were drafted and forced to fight or they would’ve been shamed. The community at large is grateful for all the people have served. They made America what it is today and all the people who have served should feel very honored.

Carrie May Be Old But Stephen King Movies Are Great.

Bullying can take a deep dark turn as we see in “Carrie,” by Stephen King. Yes it is an oldie, but it’s a classic. Showing just what people can do to make people turn evil and also whats someone home life can do to a person’s mental health.



Nevermind how twisted and creepy the movie is Sissy Spacek really played her role well. By the emotions of her getting bullied to being abused by her mom at home. She really brought the character to life.

The movie Carrie was rather strange. The way the bullies approached “the situation” by using pigs blood as revenge was weird. Also the mother and her actions were not explained well enough.


Stephen King has been a great author and really brought scary movies to a whole other level. The 1976 Carrie movie was a hit and even was created again. I would give the movie a 3 out of 5 stars because i was highly confused about certain parts and characters.


Carrie 2013 wasn’t as good as the original. There are small differences throughout the movie. Chloe Grace Mortez who played as Carrie 2013 did not capture the character as well as the 1976 version.


Carrie was a movie I liked but wouldn’t want to watch again. It was good but the nudity and poor storyline made me confused. I had too many questions when the movie was over. The movie was not a movie to watch with your father due to certain scenes that followed the opening.


Stephen King has brought life to all of our libraries and TV’s. Hopefully he will continue to do so. Carrie was a movie I am definitely not gonna forget. Hopefully they decided to make an even newer version of the movie.


Michelle Pfeiffer

imagesMichelle Pfeiffer is an American actress and movie producer who has lived a full life and accomplished many things. She took a crazy fumble one night in a bathroom. Michelle stepped out of the shower and during the fall, she broke her arm. Questions immediately followed. Leading to many rumours.

“I was at a hotel and I got out and I saw really slippery marble floors,” Michelle said. Not knowing what was to come next, a broken arm.


Michelle simply finished cleaning up while the plot twist of her week was about to happen. She had noticed the floors looked slippery. She even warned herself before she stepped out of the shower. But just as she did, she slipped and fell. Michlle landed on her arm and broke it. She was highly embarrassed and didn’t tell many people for the longest time. Michelle broke her arm near the end of september and didn’t tell people till about a couple weeks later.

The broken arm didn’t stop her from doing what she loved. She came out about the story and laughed at herself. A broken arm was not worth any waisted time. She still acted in a number of films and helped produce them. While still being able to maintain her family of two kids and a husband. During the making of the movie Maleficent she told people about her fall for the first time. Her and the crowd of workers laughed. She wasn’t going to let a foolish accident bring her down.

Michelle Pfeiffer is an amazing American actress and producer. She starred in many films such as Batman Returns, Grease 2, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. She has won seven Golden Globe Award and three nominations for an Academy Award. Showing that Michelle strives for the best and nothing less.

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Pfeiffer

unnamedBut the biggest win of her life would be her husband and children. Michelle has two kids, one girl and one boy. The daughters name is Claudia Rose Pfeiffer and the sons name is John Henry Kelley. Claudia is currently 26 while John is 25. Her current husband is David E. Kelley. They have been married since 1993. While all of this was happening she had thought about her past and wished she could have kept pushing and not given up. To avoid letting the little things get in the way of something that could be huge.

I’m always afraid of failing,” is what she had to say.

Pfeiffer wants to let people know to follow their dreams and not give up immediately. Also that failing is a part of life and to not be ashamed. Ones goal is different from other ones goal. No matter how silly it may be. A mistake only leads to success. The time and preparation is all going to pay off in the end.

“I wish I had not been so frightened for the earlier part of my career. Just in terms of learning how to adjust to being famous and losing my privacy,” Michelle said.

Coco Chanel

 Coco Chanel, a french fashion designer had changed the way women dressed. Chanel was not always who she lead the public to see. Especially when ww11 broke out.

Coco Chanel, a french fashion designer had changed the way women dressed. Her real name though is Gabrielle Bonheur. In the post world war 1 era she wanted women not to be constrained to “corseted silhouette”. Her business took off. Women were finally wearing things other than dresses. Coco moved to Paris and got a shop called  31 rue Cambon. Thats where she started to make the most of her money for a couple years. But things changed.

World War 2 had begun to start and rumours suddenly spread. Chanel had to close down her shop temporarily. But word spread around town that she disliked jews. This was not okay considering what hitler was up to. She had also made a statement that jews were a threat to europe because of the Bolshevik government in the soviet union. Chanel decided to then reside and live at Hotel Ritz. A lot of people at this time were going through great poverty but Coco still managed to stay wealthy. She also had romantic connections with Baron Freiherr who was an operative in the military and helped arrange her in at the Ritz. The Ritz was operated by the german military helping her flee reality. Chanel seemed to work with the Germans and Russians a lot to protect herself. This led to an affair with her former husband the Duke of Westminster.

Chanel’s style started to change. Her new style reflected what was currently going on in her life at the moment. She struggled to reinvent the little black dress which showed that she was still a human. Coco had a new slogan “less is more”. During all of the turmoil in her life and her country, she still managed to convince german officials to let her create and sell perfumes. Chanel was able to achieve everything she desired and she always strived to be the best.