Heroes Wall

The experience at Volk’s Heroes Wall is like no other. The feeling that you get from seeing all of those who have dedicated their life to protecting our country so we can have our freedoms. Most people wouldn’t have taken the time to think about America’s heroes. We are able to do pretty much anything we want because of them, go to work, play sports, and go to school. What these brave men and woman sacrifice is so amazing. 

One of the hero’s that popped out to me was Donald L. Andrews Fireman Second Class. He popped out because he looked to be about my age. He was honorably discharged from Portsmouth VA Hospital. This hit close to home because my dads friend works at the naval shipyard in Portsmouth. Another hero that stood out was Corporal Patrick Daniel Tillman. He stood out to me because he was a player in the NFL, shortly after the attacks after 9/11 he decided that he wanted to serve his country. After being in the service he passed away and received the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Meritorious Service award. He wasn’t thinking about himself he was thinking of others.

The Power of Football

The Longest Yard is a classic remake of the original 1970s film. It combines humor with action and drama. Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) is a disliked pro football quarter back. One night at a party he gets drunk and steals his wife’s car. Total disaster takes place, he gets in a high speed chase with the cops and destroys the car. He gets locked up in jail where he slowly starts to get comfortable with the inmates. 

8C82DA64-ABBC-4D5B-BFB9-4C81D97A8744He is not very liked because he is the new guy. He starts being friends with Caretaker (Chris Rock). He slowly starts making more and more friends throughout the movie.The Warden talks with Paul and tells hi that he is going to lead a team into The Guards vs Cons game. Every con wants to try out for the team so they can hit me of the guards and get payback for all the times they hit the cons. 

2209A2D5-8061-4F69-A1E0-CFE6F087A022Once Paul has his team together tragedy strikes. The Guards think this will give them the advantage. When they are practicing the cons can only practice for a certain amount of the day. They have awful used equipment where as the guards have brand new everything. The team slowly bonds together and at the end of the movie have to pull together to play an unfair game favored towards the Guards. Can they pull through and win? 

I would give this film a 4.5/5, its a really good movie but just needs a little more. This film is very interesting because Pro football players, Popular actors and wrestlers all get pulled together to make this great movie.


Helmet Technology

BBBD78D7-D7D2-48FC-9D1B-09EB889B1A31Throughout the years of football as technology has improved we can see that head to head hits have become a problem. 

As technology has improved we have been able to improve safety equipment to make it less of a problem.

 One helmet company named VICIS has a very interesting helmet. Over the years they have always thought to make a hard stiff not flexible helmet but with recent studies that is the best type of helmet to have.

 The most frequent story about the first helmet was in the army navy game of 1983.

Admiral Joseph Reeve had been kicked and hit in the head so many times that his doctor said one more hit could lead to “instant insanity” he was determined to play so he had the local cobbler make a leather cap that wrapped around his head for extra protection.

This featured image shows how helmets have evolved over the years.


TB12 Sports Therapy  Center exteriorDane Giguere

Senior Composition Writing

Tom Brady, The Greatest NFL Quarterback of All Time was born August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. Many people know him for the 6 Super Bowls he has won or the 3 times he was Super Bowl MVP. But what many people don’t know about is his life off the field. Brady has his own business named TB12. He sells apparel, recovery products, performance products and nutritional supplements.

His first house he bought was from former patriots player Ty Law and payed $265,000 for it. He initially had two teammates live with him to pay it off. Tom is married  to Gisele Bündchen and they have three kids. Tom has three sisters all of which got athletic scholarships. Many people know that he has a beautiful house in Boston, Massachusetts. What people don’t know is that he has his house for sale and is trying to move to New York. Tom Brady has played for New England his entire career and is one of the New England legends. Tom Brady has the most career wins with a single team (172). Growing up he always looked up to the 49ers legend QB Joe Montana. 

Tom Brady is one of the best NFL Quarterbacks of all time on and off the field.