Heroes Wall

For those who don’t know, there is a wall with people from our great military located in Biddeford, Maine. This was is a non profit that really just shows how much we all appreciate those from our military. 

This wall has people from Maine, from all over the country, some celebrities that are known from long over the country. 

It makes me very happy that I was able to go to this wall and read all of these different stories from some amazing people. One in particular stood out more then the rest based off of this mans story and what he was willing to do for his country. 

It’s known around America not to ever let an American flag touch the ground, William Harvey Carney understood the concept and refused to let the flag touch the ground despite getting shot in the face, shoulders, arms, and legs. 


To many they would’ve likely let the flag drop long before getting shot in numerous places to try to survive and make a run for it. But not this man.

He isn’t only a war hero to the country but he’s also a hero to African Americans. Born in this country as a slave, he later became the first African-American to receive a Medal of Honor. He fought in the Civil War, he was a Sgt. and made is country proud. 

The wall shows that we all are grateful for the men and women who have served for our country or who are currently serving. The wall shows to people who have family ho have or currently are serving in the military that we are all thankful for there San, daughter, father, mother, etc. 

What happens at the kissing booth, stays at the kissing booth.

A couple of high school students sign up to run the kissing booth for the school fair, a lifelong crush will be brought to light causing a lifelong friendship to be broken. 

Apparently, you don’t need big time actors to be a big time film, Joey King, and Jacob Courtney, both have never been in any blockbuster films, still though, The Kissing Booth was one of the most rewatched films of 2018. 

A perfect romcom (romantic comedy), the Netflix original, directed by Vince Marcello had viewers on the edge of their seats laughing while having their hearts throb throughout the entire film. 

Elle and Lee have rules which prohibit Elle from ever having a relationship with his brother Noah, which causes a problem because Elle has always had feeling for Lee’s brother.  

Noah being the bad boy jock and Elle being the innocent dork, they have this connection that is obvious to the viewers. Throughout the film we are just waiting for the spark to finally happen. 

As a high schooler the only problem that I find with the film is how unrealistic a lot of the plot is. With the parties on the beach where everyone is drinking to the constant fights that go down at their school with no consequences other than a one hour detention.

In the end, there is a pretty simple concept of the story. Two people are best friends, one of the best friends likes the other’s sibling, but that’s frowned upon in their friendship, so they try to keep their secret, which of course fails miserably. What happens after is the biggest shock of the whole film. 

The ending of the film will leave you there wanting more and wanting to know what will happen next. Luckily The Kissing Booth 2 will be coming out soon also on Netflix. 


(5 out of 5)


The Rise and Fall of Tekashi 6ix 9ine

If you ask most teenagers in 2018, who was the best new rapper, most would’ve said Tekashi 6ix 9ine. He went 10 for 10 on the billboards which many artist struggle just to get one. He was also putting out another album, Dummy Boy, which was one of the most talked about albums at the time. Then, his whole career came to a screeching halt once he flew into the JFK airport in hopes for a hometown welcome, rather he was welcomed by federal agents.  

Tekashi was also loved over Instagram because he was known to troll and call people out constantly, but in doing so it got himself into a lot of trouble with getting robbed, jumped, and during the creation of a music video the set got shot up. Then he was also on trial in 2018 for sexual assault. 

Even though most people would think that he was going through hell, he still just laughed and joked on social media, continued to creat billboard hits, and went on tour all around the world. 

Later in his success he fired his manager and the rest of his team because they were, in a way, stealing from him. The worst part about all this is that his whole team was in the same gang as Tekashi so that instantly caused problems within the gang. Tekashi then got a hit on him from his ex manager. 

Then that’s when things went really downhill. After one of his shows overseas, he flies back into America and is instantly arrested for racketeering, which means he was involved in illegal business dealings. Which most people that he would’ve gotten bailed out but nope, he was denied bail. 

While being arrested the cops connected him to many other crimes that had gone on through the country. Since then he’s been awaiting trial, and was facing 32 years to life in prison for 9 federal charges. He pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, firearms offenses, and violent crimes in aid of racketeering.

The feds offered him a deal while he was awaiting trial, asking him to snitch on practically his whole gang. One of the worst offenses a gang member could do is snitch. But Tekashi was in a tough situation, he was facing life in prison, where he would also be in the same prison with all of his ex gang members where he probably would’ve died or he can snitch and be a free man. 

Of course since the news came out about him snitching, many artist have come out basically telling him the rap game doesn’t want him anymore. Sadly that will take a toll on his potential new songs once he gets freed because so many artist will decline being a feature on his songs. 

There are still some rappers that miss him, or are saying that they would’ve done the same thing and can see why he had done it. Such as Tory Lanez, he doesn’t agree with him snitching but he had said how he does miss Tekashi for who he was as a person.

“When he was out he was a funny guy and a entertainer. And what seemed to be a genuine dude. And that side of him is the side of him I remember…One thing y’all not gone do tho is make it seem like I condone any talking on a stand of any kind.”

Disclaimer: The sound clip below contains explicit language

The Downfall of Robin Williams

Robin Williams, for someone who’s job was to make people laugh, he was very depressed and ended up taking his own life in the end.

His wife says “It was not depression that killed Robin, depression was one of let’s call it 50 symptoms, and it was a small one.”

Robin lived a life to make others laugh while doing stand up to acting, but that didn’t come without its own ups and downs. When Robin had reached the peak of his career, that was when it took a steep path downhill.

He became addicted to cocaine and alcohol, which he then went into rehab to try and get better. Around his addiction period, all of his health problems started to begin. 

Robin was also known as one of the best improv actors ever. He would just come up with random little stories. In the movie, Good Will Hunting, he goes on a little rant about his wife that was dead in the movie and a completely random story about her. That is one of the funniest scenes that there might’ve ever been, Matt Damon starts to laugh hysterically because it was such a curveball and so well done.

Robin, a person who personally made me laugh many times through my childhood, was suffering behind the bright lights and the big screens.

Lewy body dementia is when protein deposits, called lewy bodies, develop in nerve cells in the brain regions involved in thinking, memory and movement. There are many symptoms to this terrible disease, that Robin had to suffer through. 

Robin at his peak in his acting career, got into the drug and alcohol addiction, he quit once for the sake of his child to make sure he would grow up with a father but later relapsed.

His son Zac grew up seeing his dad be a drunk which he believes that if he didn’t quit drinking then he would’ve died from the booze, which obviously put a major halt in his acting career.

Though Robins life ended in such a tragic way, and he did some bad things in his during his young acting career, we must remember him for the good influence he put into our lives. For his amazing improv in Good Will Hunting, to his animated films from Happy Feet.