Heroes Wall

I think that the families of those who have lost their lives fighting for this country would find the heroes wall to be most meaningful. 

All any person who has lost a loved one wants is for that person to be remembered. They one that person’s spirit to live on for many years after they have passed. This is the case especially when a loves one is lost fighting for his or her country.

Though I haven’t experienced it first hand, I know that having a loved one in the military is not easy. It is hard on the soldier as well as on the family. It’s a sacrifice for both sides. The soldier has to leave their home and loved ones behind. Just as the family has to be left behind.

The worst news that family could ever get is that their loved one has been killed. They will not be returning home. There is no way to completely fill that void, but the heroes wall can offer some form of peace for the family.

This wall is how they can be remembered. This wall shows that their life meant something and that their service was deeply appreciated by the community. This goes a long way for the family. 

There is also a component of community in this wall. It shows that those who have lost a loved one are not alone in their grief. There are many other families suffering the same loss. It can help to know that you are not alone. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it makes it a little more bearable to know that it isn’t just your family that is struggling.

This wall shows that their loved one was and always will be a hero. This person was someone worth remembering and the community wanted to make sure their spirit lived on for future generations to come. Though the loved one might be gone, they will never be forgotten.

The Titans: What’s Worth Remembering

Remember the Titans looks at the challenges that come with integrating a Virginia high school in 1971 and how one football team is able to unite the town and overcome those challenges.

Denzel Washington plays Hermon Boone, the newly hired head coach of this high school football team. He, along with Coach Bill Yoast, work tirelessly to make these players into good football players and more importantly, into great young men.

Ryan Hurst plays Gerry Bertier and Wood Harris plays Julius Campbell. The two serve as captains of the team and make it their mission to unite their team and town. Their passion in football and in life will give you chills.

The director, Boaz Yakin, creates powerful scenes through his use of orchestration. This touch provides an added layer of emotion to the many motivational speeches given by both Coach Boone and Coach Yoast. You will certainly be caught on the edge of your seat and clinging to every word as the script is also very well written.

This film may give you a better understanding of how far this country has come as it shows very real situations of racism. However, it remains appropriate and can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. Moreover, there is a very influential spirit of friendship in this film. The relationship between Gerry and Julius evolves to make them more than just teammates. It is very evident that no matter their difference in race, they saw the same thing in each other; a fighting spirit, and they lead their team in the fight on and off the field.

This film motivates you to be better, to do better. It exhibits a fighting spirit that any person would long to have. You will cry and you will laugh. It is impossible not to fall in love with these characters and with the film in general and for that reason, I give this film 4 out of 4 stars.

Mothers vs. Anti-Vaxers

A mother from the the Midwest gets attacked by anti-Vaxers over the death of her 4 year old son. Her son died of the flu after being vaccinated and the anti-Vaxers tribute his death to the flu shot.

Anti-Vaxers showed her no sympathy: “You’re a terrible mother. You killed your child. You deserved what happened to your son,”(CNN).

This mother, who chose to remain anonymous, went looking for support and all she got was hate. In the midst of grieving, this only hurt her more. She was trying to keep her son healthy by vaccinating him, yet now these people were saying it had killed him. They wanted her to believe that if not for the vaccination, he would still be alive.
Anti-Vaxers believe that children are being damaged by government mandated vaccinations. Some extremists seek out parents who have lost a child to the flu or another virus. After finding them on Facebook in most instances, they then call them cruel names and make many drastic accusations. For example, there was one mother who had started a campaign for flu prevention which included her support of vaccinations. Anti-vaxers said that the only reason she was supporting the vaccinations was because she wanted other children to die from the flu so that the parents could feel the pain that she was feeling. Like this one, Anti-Vaxers create so many horrific images of mothers who were just doing what they thought was right for their child. Anti-vaxers make it their job to shame mothers and the sad part is that sometimes they succeed.

No mother wants to have to bury their child, much less endure the attacks from people that are skeptical of your decisions in raising your child. One mother depicts it: “Having to go in and plan a funeral and find the ability somehow to even take steps to walk into a funeral home, to make plans and decide whether to bury or cremate your child — it was just all so horrifying,” (CNN).

Celebrity Biography on Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is known for his poor attitude and overly competitive nature. That all changed when he displayed an improved version of himself by making a large contribution to the 9/11 recovery effort.

In the past, Michael Jordan had not been known as the nicest person. His overly competitive nature often got the best of him. Jordan was not a good teammate. There was one incident involving his former teammate Bill Cartwright. Cartwright hadn’t played well that night and Jordan felt it necessary to publicly embarrass him in front of the entire team. Michael also punched a different teammate in the face just for setting a hard screen on him one day in practice. This is the Michael Jordan that the world previously knew; a phenomenal basketball player, yet a selfish person. Yet, the image of Jordan was about to change.

You see, Michael Jordan became famous for, not only his insane basketball career, but also for his passionate tribute to numerous charities. He did his best to give back to his country and after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, he was given the opportunity. After a brief three year retirement, Jordan had returned to the court for the 2001 season. Just in time to support his country. Jordan felt a responsibility to his country and, more specifically, to the victims of 9/11. He wanted to find a way to ease the pain of their suffering. Jordan decided to donate the entirety of his salary from the 2000-2001 basketball season to the recovery effort and the victims of the attack. 

Through this act, Michael Jordan aided many victims in their journey to physical and emotional recovery. For example, two now fatherless kids as a result of the attacks. The kids began by asking an employee if they could meet Michael Jordan. Naturally, the employee assumed that the kids wanted an autograph or a picture. However, the kids said they were actually their to say thank you. Though unsure of what the kids meant by this, the employee led them down the stairs to meet the man himself. After being introduced, Michael embraced the kids and one would suspect that his smile didn’t fade for the rest of the night. Prior to their arrival, no one had known about Jordan’s act of kindness. That day, the world was introduced to a new side of Jordan and it was just the beginning of his generosity.
In spite of his prior track record, Jordan found a way to not only give back, but to bring healing to his country. Those kids may no longer think of the attacks on 9/11 every year, rather they will think of the kindness and generosity of their new found hero. In comparison to the destruction of 9/11, Michael Jordan May have done a small deed, but it’s impact will live on forever in the hearts of those two kids.