The Heroes Wall

The Heroes Wall is meaningful to all people who know someone who has served for our country. I think that specifically, it means the most to those who have lost someone in battle. This means a lot more because they are being recognized for their sacrifices for this country. I think that seeing these people on that wall makes them not forgotten. That wall will be there for a long time and so will the memories of all these veterans.

I think that this will also be very meaningful to the veterans who fought for this country and are still alive. They get the recognition that they deserve and the satisfaction of seeing their names and their story on the wall. I think they would be very happy to see that their sacrifices and dedication to this country didn’t go unnoticed. An example of someone who gave their life for our country is Captain Paul T. Hayes. He was a surgeon who served in the 326th medical battalion. He was killed in WWII on October 1, 1945.

He left behind his wife and his four children. I don’t know his grandchildren or anyone related to him but I bet that it would be pretty cool to go look at this wall and say that’s my grandfather. It would mean a lot to me to see someone like that who gave everything for our country being recognized on the wall. I think that it means a lot to all the families and friends of these people, and it is a very cool thing to have right in Biddeford.

The Movie that Never Grows old

Fitting in is hard enough when you aren’t shielded by your momma your whole life. “The water boy” starring Adam Sandler shows a goofy young man who discovers he is quite the football player.

The film was directed by Frank Coraci and it was released November 8th, 1998. This movie has been around for awhile and is still popular to audiences that weren’t even born when the movie was released.

In the movie Adam Sandler plays as Bobby Boucher, a team water boy who gets fired from the so called best team in the league. He then goes to join the not so good rivals as a free of charge water boy.

Coach Klein, the head coach of the team teaches Bobby to stand up for himself and discovers a side of bobby no one has ever seen. He finds that with the right motivation Bobby can be a so called “tackling machine”.

Bobby uses all the people who have made fun of him in the past to motivate him to make tackles. He begins to earn respect from he community and from his teammates.

I would rate this movie a 8/10 in the comedy world. I think that it is very humorous and it has a great storyline behind it. The film is an all time classic.

The Sixth Mass Extinction

The earth has experienced five mass extinction that almost wiped out all life on the planet. Are we next? According to the recent article by National Geographic, the next scare to all life on earth might be sooner then you think.

In this article it talks about how human activities on earth have sped up the process of extinction. The burning of fossil fuels, pollution and disease from human trade have all contributed to the all too soon arrival of the next mass extinction.

Other human actions such as hunting, fishing and deforestation have also contributed to rush this issue. It is said that extinctions on earth are occurring hundreds of times faster than they would naturally. If we continue on this path, the earth could be extinct as soon as 240-540 years.

This is eye opening, 240 years. With today’s technology, the average life expectancy in the U.S is 78 years. In just about three generations of families, the earth could be extinct.

It is factually known that as the population of humans on earth rises, so does the amount of species extinctions. According to Harvard biologist E. O. Willson, 30,000 specious are being driven to extinction each year.

Fifty percent of all land on earth has been transformed for human use. That is one specious. That leaves the other half of the earth to thousands of other species. By cramming and pushing specious out of their natural habitat it makes them a lot more likely to be extinct.

If your thinking that these extinctions of other species on earth won’t effect humans your wrong. All humans will be effected by the extinction of other species on earth. By people pushing these other animals, fish, birds and reptiles to extinction, we are doing it to ourselves also.

There is no doubt that the sixth mass extinction is here. The sooner that people realize the damage the human race is doing to all species on earth the better chance we have. In order to save our planet from what’s to come people need to change. The facts are there, people just need to listen.

Big Papi

David Ortiz was born on November 8, 1975 in the Dominican Republic. He was widely known for his 20 seasons major baseball career. Though he occasionally played first base, he was mainly a designated batter.

Throughout his years in the league David Ortiz racked up 541 homeruns, with a career batting average of .286. Without a doubt, his baseball career was impressive, but what is most interesting about David Ortiz is him getting shot in his home country.

David Ortiz was seen as an icon to the people of the Dominican Republic, so a tragic event like this was shocking.

On June 9th, 2019, David was shot in his home country, Dominican Republic. He underwent 3 surgeries and 7 weeks in the hospital. This event didn’t just devastate his home country of Dominican Republic, and all of his fans that he has accumulated during his long career.

After his life scare, Ortiz didn’t come out and talk the public for just over 2 month. On September 10th, 2019, Ortiz appeared at his first public event since the shooting. Everyone in the stadium of Fenway Park gave a standing ovation as the Red Sox legend threw the first pitch of the game. Since then, he has came out with multiple interviews that talk about the process he went through to be back to where he is today.

The best part of all of his interviews was how Ortiz found a way to turn this awful event into a positive. He repeatedly talks about how thankful he is to be alive and how he believes he got a second chance in life. He goes on in the interviews to inspire others to live life to the fullest because you never know when a life changing event like his could happen.