The Story of the Central Park Five

When They See Us, Ava DuVernay’s well thought out 4 part series revisits the story of 5 you teenagers of color. The young men, better known as the wolf pack or Central Park Five were falsely accused of raping and beating a white female jogger. Although they were always referred to as a group this documentary series delve into the struggles that each individual had to endure. From admitting to false accusations to going through beatings and blackmail. 

The five young men were Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray, and Korey Wise. The series starts off by showing how much of regular teenage kids they were. One night they followed a group of people to a park in Harlem and some fights broke out and when they police intervened they were taken in to be questioned on the raping of a woman that coincidentally happened on the same night at that park. The boys were questioned without their parents and ultimately coerced to creating a story that even the boys did not fully understand.

After they were convicted of the crime of raping and beating this woman the series goes deep into the separate lives of each of the five. The series reveals the struggles that these individuals had to go through during their incarceration, after their incarceration and the process of how each of their convictions were nullified. Ava Duvernay’s masterpiece portrayed the struggles that many minorities have to deal with and for that reason it had a huge impact on the knowledge and lives of many.

The documentary series is truly a piece of art and gives an insightful perspective of the Central Park Five.

Portuguese Maestro

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best soccer player in the world and in a recent interview he revealed he could be retiring in the next two years. Greatness like Cristiano’s is extremely rare and if his fairytale of a story is coming to an end.

The Portuguese star started his career in 1992 for Sporting Clube de Portugal. In August 2003, one of the best teams in club soccer at the time, Manchester United, played against Ronaldo and Clube de Portugal. Surprisingly Manchester United suffered a 3-1 defeat in a game where Ronaldo excelled. His talent came to the attention of Alex Ferguson, who was coaching Manchester United at the time, and ultimately lead to him being transferred to United. Cristiano Ronaldo blew up at Manchester United despite his young age. He became a maestro at the art of free kicks and scored a total of 42 goals in the 2007-08 season leading him to his first Ballon D’or title. 

He was sold to Real Madrid for, at the time, a record breaking £80 Million. Many people doubted he was worth that much at such a young age but today all those doubters have been silenced. He kept developing as a player and ended up scoring 450 goals in 438 appearances for Real Madrid. With all his success and quickly becoming a household name, Cristiano became the highest paid athlete in the world at Real Madrid.

After winning his third successive Champions League title Ronaldo unexpectedly left Real Madrid for the Italian giants Juventus. He lead Juventus to a league title and is expected to lead them to a Champions league title in his time with the club.

Ronaldo has been a winner since the beginning of his career. He has received 5 Ballon D’or awards and is tied for most all time, holds the record for most goals in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and the most goals in a single UCL season. He has scored 700 goals in his career including club and country and is only the sixth player all time to do it. Moreover he is also the first to receive 4 European Golden Boots in history.

Ronaldo has already proved he is one of the greats and the last years of his career will be ones to saver.

Cole World

Jermaine Lamar Cole, better known as J Cole, is a world profound rapper that owns a record label called Dreamville and has grown quickly since its creation. Dreamville shares a name with his nonprofit organization “Dreamville Foundation” that was made to “bridge the gap between the worlds of opportunity and the urban youth of Fayetteville, NC”.

J Cole fills up stadiums with his concerts and is well know as an exhilarating performer. He has produced many albums, most of which have been very successful but there are two albums that stand out from the rest. His third studio album, “Forest Hills Drive”, went platinum with no features and some say it is one of the best rap albums of the decade. His 4th studio album “4 Your Eyez Only” also went Number 1 on the charts with no features. 4 Your Eyez Only showed a more personal side of Cole that many people didn’t expect.

Despite his abundant success J Cole is extremely humble. He is very different from other rappers and has been spotted riding a bicycle around New York many times even though his net worth is $30 Million. 

Although he has such a spectacular background, J Cole came from very humble beginnings. Jermaine Cole was born in Frankfurt, Germany to his African-American father and German mother. His father left him, his older brother and mother after which they decided to move to North Carolina. His family lived in trailer parks as they struggled through borderline poverty. Cole’s mother got remarried but his step father became abusive and his mother got addicted to crack. J Cole referenced the pain he felt during hard times in songs like “Breakdown” and has always been highly credited for his vivid storytelling skills. Cole used music as an outlet and put in a lot of hours in the studio behind the scenes. His track “Lights Please” came to the attention of Jay Z himself and ultimately got him signed to his record label, Roc Nation. 

J Cole has grown as an artist as well as a person in his music career and has grown a massive fan base as well. He has become an inspiration to many in the black community and people struggling financially as well. He is an advocate of the problems that people dealing with poverty face. He gives back to his community and gives a sense of hope that few rappers can give.

J Cole will go down as one of the greatest of his time and will be remembered by everyone that ever came in contact with his music.