Heroes wall

In my opinion, the Heroes wall was built mainly for the families of veterans. Those, who died tragically in wars, will not know about this wall, but their loved ones will. The memory of the dead is for the living, to say goodbye, to let them go in peace. I think that the concept of funeral resembles the concept of this wall. Usually, when a person is buried, they have a tombstone on their grave for family members to visit and mourn to. Tombstones become the last legacy of the dead person, their last mark on earth literally carved in stone. That being said, I think that the Heroes wall is one last mark for all those veterans. But just like tombstone, it is not meant for the dead, it is built for the living to mourn and remember their loved veterans. Those, who have pictures of their relatives on the wall usually feel happy and excited to actually see them for themselves. Even during class trip to the wall, a girl, who had two of her grandfathers up there, was smiling and happy to remember about her dead family members.

Another group of people who might find meaning in the wall are the fellow veterans who served with these people, whether it be from the same platoon or people who have gone through the same trauma and experiences that they went through. Although the heroes on that wall are from different wars and time periods, the things they had to do and the experiences are frighteningly similar. They both probably had to lose someone close to them, go through the same intensive training that would prepare them for the struggles of war, and had to experience something that no human should ever have to go through

The Tale of a Legend: Elton John – the “Rocketman”

The legend of rock, camp icon Elton John returns to spotlight with biographical musical film “Rocketman” and shakes the grounds of Hollywood. Pictured by Taron Egerton and directed by Dexter Fletcher, film recounts a slightly updated, but just as extravagant version of the real story of Elton John. 

During the first frames of the movie, we encounter the singer in his adult years, wandering down a hallway in an orange tracksuit with flashy wings and horns, that appear to be a typical concert outfit for John. The star reveals his most threatening and severe addictions: drugs, sex, alcohol and shopping. Later on, the story proceeds to Elton’s childhood, how his talent has been found in a very early age and grew within seconds, up until his breakthrough in the 1970’s and metamorphosis from a shy pianist to international superstar.. Since this movie is a musical, we can already expect to hear the greatest hits on-screen, such as “Your song” and “Tiny dancer”. 

The director, Dexter Fletcher, is a face, often seen in Hollywood. He directed some great movies, such as “Eddie the Eagle” and a part of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The latter movie is often compared with “Rocketman”, since both are created to represent music grands, and are also arguably two single most successful films of 2019. The story of Queen, however, is less of a fantastic musical, and is more of a biographical drama, whereas life of Elton John is viewed through extravagant and not less realistic musical performances in the movie. 

Taron Egerton, actor, who was trusted to impersonate Elton John, has also played the main character Eggsy in “The Kingsman” movie franchise. Moreover, producers David Reid, Matthew Vaughn and Adam Bohling have also worked with the mentioned franchise. 

Due to Elton John himself insisting on movie being as real as possible and showing the actual worst moments of his life, the movie was R rated, even though in the beginning of production, Paramount pictures hoped for PG-13 rating. Moreover, Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie with 89%, and IMDb gave “Rocketman” a rating of 7.4/10 .


Barcelona: 5 things to visit or see

Many know Barcelona as the perfect European gem – warm climate, comfortable access to Mediterranian sea, beautiful architecture, etc. And it is absolutely true! Barcelona is gorgeous and definitely worth visiting, except that there is a lot more to it than an average traveler might think…

1.Picasso Museum

Even though legendary artist wasn’t born in Barcelona, although he had lived a big part of his life in this majestic city and considered it to be his home. Nowadays, all tourists may visit the museum of Pablo Picasso, admire his unique artwork and broaden their cultural horizons. The entrance to the museum costs an average of 16 dollars.

2. Gaudi architecture

Antoni Gaudi is undoubtedly architectural genius. Everyone, visiting Barcelona, must see (and get in, if possible) the church Sagrada Familia, the iconic symbol of Catalona. However, since this monument is so widely popular, one might find difficulty in getting tour tickets. For such occasions, there is a free option – attend the mass on Sunday! Mass is held in three languages, one of which is English. Therefore, if catholic mass does not conflict with your religion, feel free to observe this mind blowing church from inside. 

Sagrada Familia is not the only legacy of Antoni Gaudi, there is much more to this ahead-of-his-time architect, for example two Gaudi villas and Park Guell. The latter is definitely worth spending Mont time in. This park is full of beautiful little buildings and even better – the scenery from the top of the hill which the park is located on, is breathtaking and every photographer’s dream.


Monastery of Montserrat is located high up in the mountains, 2 hour train ride outside of Barcelona. If traveling in the summertime, one might find it a challenging trip, because of scorching southern European sun. However, if you manage to overcome these hardships, the destination is absolutely worth it and will exceed all of your expectations. 

After you get off the train (or any other kind of transportation, but the train is the most comfortable, therefore the most recommended one), you have multiple options. The first one is to take a lift and explore the monastery. Second, more challenging one, is to take two lifts to the very top of the mountains and go for a short pilgrim hike. Now this sounds appealing, until you walk for 20 minutes and realize that the path is over and now you have to use your arms, legs and brains to climb a steep cliff. After quite a dangerous and tiring hour of climbing, the strongest and bravest travelers will face the most beautiful scenery of mountains and the Monastery of Montserrat below their feet

4. Magic fountain of Montjuïc

Magical dance of water, lights and music is a must-see for everyone! The shows of the ‘dancing’ fountain are held every Wednesday through Sunday in summer from 9:30pm to 10:30pm. However, it is smart to consider getting there earlier, since every day the crowds of people are enormous. And the best part about this gorgeous attraction – it is absolutely free! Just beware of pickpockets though.

5.La Rambla

La Rambla is one of those places that is just incredibly difficult to avoid, because it seems that most of Barcelona’s population is always clustered in one street (sadly, it’s probably a little bit less than that) and it is impossible to get by without crossing this shopping street at least once. Anyone can find anything within their needs on this avenue – clothing stores, souvenir kiosks, museums, markets, you name it.

Barcelona has always been the perfect holiday destination in Southern Europe. In recent past, however, the number of tourists has grown dramatically. In fact, tourists in Barcelona outnumber locals by few million! Moreover, in the year, it is the smartest to visit Barcelona in colder months, as during the summer the numbers of tourists might even double. Therefore, prices of accommodation and other expenses will increase as well.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Frozen in the 20th century, Lady Di remains to be a royal icon with a beautiful face and hiding loads of personal baggage behind closed doors of her mansion. 

Diagnosed with depression and a possible borderline personality disorder, Princess Diana had more issues than her admirers could have known at the time. 

Princess Diana’s personal life was not covered in rose petals. Her marriage with Prince Charles seemed to be crumbling ever since it’s beginning. Their age difference was already looked at controversially, because the groom was 13 years older than the bride, who was only 20 years old at the time. Moreover, their relationship before marriage was not off to a good start. Prince Charles was dating Diana’s older sister, Lady Sarh, when he met and had an affair with the princess herself, but ended up settling down with her afterwards. Nonetheless, when the couple met, the princess was only 16 years old! Prince Charles was 29. They got engaged 4 years later.

The royal wedding was watched by more than 750 million viewers worldwide. It had to be held in St. Paul’s cathedral instead of Westminster Abbey because the abbey has less seating areas. However, after the “fairy tale” wedding, marital life was not easy for Prince and Princess of Wales. Lady Di had several mental issues, such as depression and borderline personality disorder. On the other hand, Charles was not faithful and later admitted to adultery. 

After the infamous divorce in 1995, Diana’s life turned around rapidly. The princess lost her title of “her royal highness” and was left with “princess of Wales”. However, she kept her apartment, custody of her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, and even started dating other men.

In 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died tragically in Paris. Princess was in a car with her partner Dodi Fayed, driver Henri Paul and their bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who was the only one of the four to survive the crash. According to various sources of media, the death of these people is to blame on paparazzi, who the driver tried to escape. However, there are multiple rumors and conspiracy theories, surrounding the death of beloved Princess of Wales, Diana. But no matter what exactly happened that day, the United Kingdom and the world were deeply shocked by this tragedy.