Heroes Wall

   I think that there are many different groups of people that find the Hero’s Wall in Biddeford meaningful. But if I had to pick a particular group of people I would have to say the people that are on the wall and also people who have served.

    The reason why I say this is because in this day in age I feel like people who serve for this country just get brushed under the table and don’t get all of the recognition they deserve. When I visited the wall I didn’t get to see any veteran at the wall but I noticed that there were some flowers that had been placed next to somebody’s plaque. They were dead when I had came and visited the wall but I think this resembles how important this wall is to people. 

   I can only imagine what it is like to put your life on the line day in and day out for your country. Thousands of families every year from deaths in the military. I think it is one of the most brave choices a person can make in their life. Joining the military is one of the biggest responsibilities a person can take on. You are expected to go out and protect yourself and all of your fellow soldiers who surround you. So when they finally receive the gratitude they deserve I believe there is no better feeling in the world.