Heroes Wall – Fayth Nedeau

     Located in Biddeford, the Heroes Wall pays tribute to maine veterans, living or deceased, who have served or are still serving our country today. A news story by WGME, that covered the Heroes Wall, explained that there are “more than 300 tiles–all with a different story,” but with one purpose. The Heroes Wall acts as a way to bring the community together to remember and reflect on those who have served.

     In an interview with WGME, Derek Volk, the co-owner of Volk Packaging Corporation commented on the wall and said, “It just grew into something much bigger than I ever expected it to be.” This statement certainly summarizes the wall as it was, in the building process, probably unclear of who the wall was actually for besides the general public. In my opinion, the Heroes Wall was meant for the immediate families of maine veterans honored on the wall. 

     By immediate family I mean older family as in spouses, partners, older siblings and parents that can actually understand the impact the Heroes Wall can have. Changing from living with a person within the same household for a good portion of your life to not seeing that person at all is not an easy transition. Knowing their loved one’s work is being recognized can alleviate some tension within their family and, as silly as it sounds, can be very healthy for their mentality. It’s almost always frustrating when credit is not given where credit is due but the Heroes Wall has the power to educate mainer’s on some of the most important people from our state.  

     Not only does the wall pay tribute to maine veterans but, in a way, the wall also pays tribute to the families of fallen soldiers as the memory of hundreds of maine veterans lives on through their personalized tiles. The Heroes Wall has the ability to touch the hearts of many families who have been affected by the deployments and tragedies of their loved ones and, fortunately, the lives of many strangers as well.

Heroes Wall

          The people who might find the Heroes Wall the most meaningful could be the person honored, their parents, or their children. The wall displays photos, short messages, and a brief narrative of what the service person did while they were in uniform.

          United States soldiers do amazing things. There is no way we could completely understand everything they do and have to go through. That also means that we are unable to completely thank them for everything they have done. The Heroes Wall is a good start to thanking our soldiers. It is also a way to immortalize the sacrifice that they made.

          The wall would be a great gift for the hero being honored. It would also be a good gift for their friends and families. The friends and families will be able to go to the wall for years to come to remember everything their hero did for them and for the country.

          One hero who made me grateful was Erica Green. She was a Blackhawk Medevac pilot. She was in the United States Maine Army National Guard from March of 1993 to August of 2007. She is also a combat veteran. Erica Green was in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 to 2004.

          Although I didn’t know Erica Green, I still appreciate everything she did for the country and all the sacrifices she made. This is the whole essence of the Heroes Wall. It’s a place for people to go and appreciate the men and women who served for our country.

Heroes Wall

 There are three groups that The Biddeford Hero’s wall affects or has an impact on. The people on the wall, the people who put them on there, and the community. 

In my opinion, I think that the community would find the wall most meaningful. The people whose images appear on the plaques definitely feel appreciated, and the family members and friends who put them on the wall must feel like they did something good to say thank you. As for the community, I think it hits a little different. 

In school, we learn about the history and all these different wars. But seeing these people, in a town next to our own, by name written with their story’s made me realize there is so much more to what we think we know already. 

We hear broad stories that we don’t think much of, but on this wall, it shows the individuality of each person and what they went through and what they achieved. 

One plaque that caught my eye was for PFC Ernest Edwin Frick, Jr. He served in WWll from 1941-1945. His story was more on the simple side but still made me think.

These plaques vary in lots of ways. Old veterans, young veterans, men, women, people that are still serving and people that served a long time ago. But the big picture is that all of them matter, and it is a great gift to the community and we should be thankful for not only the wall but every individual whose image appears on it. 

Heroes Wall

   I think that there are many different groups of people that find the Hero’s Wall in Biddeford meaningful. But if I had to pick a particular group of people I would have to say the people that are on the wall and also people who have served.

    The reason why I say this is because in this day in age I feel like people who serve for this country just get brushed under the table and don’t get all of the recognition they deserve. When I visited the wall I didn’t get to see any veteran at the wall but I noticed that there were some flowers that had been placed next to somebody’s plaque. They were dead when I had came and visited the wall but I think this resembles how important this wall is to people. 

   I can only imagine what it is like to put your life on the line day in and day out for your country. Thousands of families every year from deaths in the military. I think it is one of the most brave choices a person can make in their life. Joining the military is one of the biggest responsibilities a person can take on. You are expected to go out and protect yourself and all of your fellow soldiers who surround you. So when they finally receive the gratitude they deserve I believe there is no better feeling in the world.

Heroes Wall – Biddeford, ME

I believe that the particular group of people who would like to visit the wall are veterans.  This is because, as a civilian, there is only one familiar name on the wall that I instantly knew.  I gasped and realized that Chris Kyle, The American Sniper, was on the wall.  I am only familiar with the name Chris Kyle because of his popularity in the media. Because of this I know that he truly is a war hero and deserves to be immortalized on the wall.  

As a civilian, I can only understand heroes from history books and the news.  I have never before, nor ever want to, serve on a platoon of soldiers fighting for the free world.  To me, only people who I here about on the news and learn about their sacrifices is how I determine who is a hero and who is not a hero.

Heroes Wall

I am somebody who greatly expresses my thanks to veterans, however, I never want to see combat or anything of the sort.  That being said, I couldn’t imagine witnessing a soldier choosing to sacrifice themselves or make meaningful decisions and difficult ones.  

Thankfully, I have never been in a difficult situation, and because of this, I do not know what it is like to witness a hero first hand.  I think that if a veteran saw a familiar name on the wall they would think of the immense sacrifices and bravery that a certain soldier has made.  These veterans viewing the names on the wall would be able to remember their own experiences by reading when or where the person served.

Going to the wall as a civilian, I was able see a large amount of names, names of those who I don’t recognize, names of those who I couldn’t relate to.  I cannot relate to the experience or pain that a veteran feels everyday, even after retire their uniform.   Because I can’t relate to veterans, is why I believe veterans would appreciate the heroes wall the most because they can relate.

Heroes wall

In my opinion, the Heroes wall was built mainly for the families of veterans. Those, who died tragically in wars, will not know about this wall, but their loved ones will. The memory of the dead is for the living, to say goodbye, to let them go in peace. I think that the concept of funeral resembles the concept of this wall. Usually, when a person is buried, they have a tombstone on their grave for family members to visit and mourn to. Tombstones become the last legacy of the dead person, their last mark on earth literally carved in stone. That being said, I think that the Heroes wall is one last mark for all those veterans. But just like tombstone, it is not meant for the dead, it is built for the living to mourn and remember their loved veterans. Those, who have pictures of their relatives on the wall usually feel happy and excited to actually see them for themselves. Even during class trip to the wall, a girl, who had two of her grandfathers up there, was smiling and happy to remember about her dead family members.

Another group of people who might find meaning in the wall are the fellow veterans who served with these people, whether it be from the same platoon or people who have gone through the same trauma and experiences that they went through. Although the heroes on that wall are from different wars and time periods, the things they had to do and the experiences are frighteningly similar. They both probably had to lose someone close to them, go through the same intensive training that would prepare them for the struggles of war, and had to experience something that no human should ever have to go through

Soldierly Sacrifices

To be a soldier in the United States Army is no easy task. Men and women sacrifice their own lives and leave behind their friends and family to fight for the freedom of their country. Although honoring American veterans and current soldiers will never be equal to the work they do for us, it’s important to do so.

The Heroes Wall in Biddeford, Maine does an amazing job of portraying the stories and experiences of many army veterans. We can read about their sacrifices and their contributions and how many people they touched all the while fighting in a war. Symbolizing all the things American veterans and soldiers leave behind to fight so that we don’t have to, The Heroes Wall is important to our community. It represents their hardships and amazing efforts in ways that words can’t show; The Heroes Wall represents my gratitude and your gratitude that we have for the people who fight for our country.

There was one story in particular that I found to be very touching. A soldier who would’ve completely missed the birth of his daughter if it weren’t for the power of technology and the kindness of the pilot who delayed his flight. It’s moments like these, when a soldier misses the birth of a child or their child’s dance recital, that remind us how lucky and how grateful we are to have people who are willing to risk their lives in order to guarantee our freedom and our safety.

Thank you American veterans, soldiers, and anyone in between for fighting for our country. Thank you for making difficult sacrifices that put your life at risk so my family and I can live in a safe place and go to sleep without fear. Thank you.

Heroes Wall

The Biddeford Heroes Wall honors veterans from all times and places. It displays images and stories of living and deceased heroes who were involved in the military. Although this type of memorial would be meaningful to almost anyone who visited it, there are a few people who are affected more than anyone else. The memorial would be the most meaningful for people who see themselves on the wall and family members of those people. 

The men and women who are able to see themselves on the wall must feel honored to be represented. These people see their name, picture, and story among other great people and realize how important their service really was. Their stories are being shared with anyone who is willing to read them. They might think that their story isn’t anything special, but that is far from true. These people have been through so much that other people couldn’t even begin to comprehend. If they are able to see their own plaque, they might realize how important they actually are.

Another group of people who would be greatly affected is the families of those who are shown on the wall. I think it would be especially meaningful to the families of deceased heroes. On the wall, a man named Captain Paul T. Hayes has a plaque. His plaque explains that he graduated from Bowdoin and Tufts Medical School, and then became a surgeon who served in the U.S. Army during WWII.  Hayes was killed in action on Oct 1, 1945, three months after the war in the Pacific officially ended. When Hayes was killed he had a wife and 4 children back at home. I can only imagine that when his family visited the wall, they were touched. They got to see that all of his hard work is being appreciated by everyone in the community. And even though his children weren’t able to know his father for too long, they are able to know what he did. 

Heroes Wall

Americans from every corner of our country have served in the Armed Services, often without fanfare or praise. Every single person on the Heroes Wall in Biddeford should feel more than honored. The wall to the ones who served is a special piece of them and it is highly valued.

Purple Heart_custom-10fde2038924f09550400fb2a3c44bd819e1882e-s800-c85

Charles B. Snow stould out to me the most especially the medals awarded to him from the Vietnam War. Snow had about  nine medals and badges in total. The medals and badges he was awarded were the Expert Badge M-16, Expert Badge M-14, Expert Badge- Grenade, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Purple Heart- combat wounds- loss of leg, Graduate Non-Commissioned officers School, and Scout Dog Handlers School. 

He served in the U.S. Armym as a member of the infantry. As an individual he had an important role. Being a part of the infantry meant that he was the main land combat and backbone of the army. Meaning, he was responsible for keeping our country safe from threats. Also, while capturing and destroying enemy ground forces, Snow served from 1968-1970 and earned the rank of Staff Sergeant. 


The wall, in general, seems most meaningful to the community at large. As a member of this community myself, I feel so thankful when I look at these types of things. To think someone risked their life to give other humans all these wonderful opportunities that they fought for. I honor them every day. Especially since most of the people on the wall were drafted and forced to fight or they would’ve been shamed. The community at large is grateful for all the people have served. They made America what it is today and all the people who have served should feel very honored.

Heroes Wall

I think that the families of those who have lost their lives fighting for this country would find the heroes wall to be most meaningful. 

All any person who has lost a loved one wants is for that person to be remembered. They one that person’s spirit to live on for many years after they have passed. This is the case especially when a loves one is lost fighting for his or her country.

Though I haven’t experienced it first hand, I know that having a loved one in the military is not easy. It is hard on the soldier as well as on the family. It’s a sacrifice for both sides. The soldier has to leave their home and loved ones behind. Just as the family has to be left behind.

The worst news that family could ever get is that their loved one has been killed. They will not be returning home. There is no way to completely fill that void, but the heroes wall can offer some form of peace for the family.

This wall is how they can be remembered. This wall shows that their life meant something and that their service was deeply appreciated by the community. This goes a long way for the family. 

There is also a component of community in this wall. It shows that those who have lost a loved one are not alone in their grief. There are many other families suffering the same loss. It can help to know that you are not alone. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it makes it a little more bearable to know that it isn’t just your family that is struggling.

This wall shows that their loved one was and always will be a hero. This person was someone worth remembering and the community wanted to make sure their spirit lived on for future generations to come. Though the loved one might be gone, they will never be forgotten.