The Heroes Wall

I believe that everyone that sees the wall can find it meaningful in some way. These are all veterans from different wars. Whether or not they are dead or alive, they served their country.

I think that everyone should have a certain amount of respect when looking at the veterans’ plaques. I think the people who can find the most meaning in this wall are people who have a relative or someone they know on the wall.

There were so many soldiers that served and never got recognition. This wall, although not being too large, brings recognition to those who may have not done anything special in the war, but served their country.

I think there should be more walls like this to bring recognition to many more soldiers that fight everyday for our country.

The tile that I chose to write more about is staff seargent James Sheppard Jr. who was born September 20th, 1924 and died on August 19th, 2018. I found this story in particular interesting because he enlisted into the Army Air Force at the age of 18.

He worked with many different planes and was eventually shipped overseas. He held 3 FAA certificates. He was a part of the Tuskegee Airmen. What they accomplished gave the rest of the military a path to success.

James moved with his family to Maine in 1972. He was also awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by president George W. Bush in 2007. He passed away at 93 years old in the Maine veterans home in Scarborough.

Heroes Wall

The Heroes Wall isn’t something you’d bring up in casual conversation, so many people may not know what it is exactly. But to those who know about the wall it is a beautiful representation of the men, woman, and canines soldiers who have supported this country. 

One thing that stuck out to me was how nice and clear the tiles were to read, it was something I’ve never seen before and I’ll definitely go back when the weather warms up to see more. 

Also after viewing the wall I’ve decided to purchase a tile for my grandfather, he served in the Navy and is a  Vietnam veteran. And I can’t wait to take him to the wall to show him in the spring. 

The dedication to the wall shows how much Mr. Volk truly cares.

Another thing that really stood out to me was the fact that they added the canines soldiers on the wall, it’s not very often that people talk about them. They are just as important as the humans the serve beside, and to have them represented on the wall is truly amazing. 

Heroes Wall-Biddeford, ME

       The Heroes Wall in Biddeford has stood over the peaceful town of Biddeford for just over a year, commemorating numerous heroes who either served or lost their lives in service for the United States Military. The wall displays achievements made by each soldier in the field of battle, all the way back from the bloody beaches of Normandy in 1944, to the never-ending crisis occurring to this day in Afghanistan.  

The Heroes Wall in Biddeford, Maine.

      I think the wall is not just for remembering the soldiers lost in war, but also to everyday people as well.

Many people don’t understand the job a soldier has, the danger they face every day, and the bravery it takes to even enlist in the military. Some kids think that wars are the same as video games, that war is cool and they think the things they play on the television is the same as real life.

In my opinion, the wall is most meaningful to the people, when I looked at the wall, I realized that soldiers are people too, they have feelings, and they have fears. It is important to distinguish between movies and reality, and I think memorials like this wall can remind people that every soldier has a past, it’s not like in the movies where some random guy gets shot and nobody cares, in real life, each soldier has family, each soldier has reason to live, each soldier is the main character.

The Heroes Wall is not just any regular wall, It is a symbol to people that the military is only fit for the bravest of people, and proves that war is no joke.

The Heroes Wall

The Heroes Wall is meaningful to all people who know someone who has served for our country. I think that specifically, it means the most to those who have lost someone in battle. This means a lot more because they are being recognized for their sacrifices for this country. I think that seeing these people on that wall makes them not forgotten. That wall will be there for a long time and so will the memories of all these veterans.

I think that this will also be very meaningful to the veterans who fought for this country and are still alive. They get the recognition that they deserve and the satisfaction of seeing their names and their story on the wall. I think they would be very happy to see that their sacrifices and dedication to this country didn’t go unnoticed. An example of someone who gave their life for our country is Captain Paul T. Hayes. He was a surgeon who served in the 326th medical battalion. He was killed in WWII on October 1, 1945.

He left behind his wife and his four children. I don’t know his grandchildren or anyone related to him but I bet that it would be pretty cool to go look at this wall and say that’s my grandfather. It would mean a lot to me to see someone like that who gave everything for our country being recognized on the wall. I think that it means a lot to all the families and friends of these people, and it is a very cool thing to have right in Biddeford.

Heroes Wall

As I walked around the wall, I looked for a story that I found to be interesting and could write about. When I got to the end of the wall, I looked towards the top and one story stood out to me. It was Lieutenant Jack Nolan Hood, from South Bristol, Maine. South Bristol is a small town just to the east of Bath.

Jack Nolan Hood enlisted in the United States Navy in 1960; at just the age of 17. Lieutenant Hood trained vigorously and never gave in. Jack Nolan Hood trained as an Engineman and went to become a Deep Sea Salvage Diver. To start Lieutenant Jack Nolan Hood enlisted as a seaman and quickly rose through ranks, eventually becoming a Master Chief Petty Officer. After, Jack Nolan Hood became a Limited Duty Officer (Mustang) and finally ended his historic military career after 20 years as Lieutenant Jack Nolan Hood. In a span of five years Jack Nolan Hood, made continuous trips to Vietnam to fight. For Jack Nolan Hood’s efforts, he was rewarded a bronze star. A bronze star is rewarded for a heroic achievement or a heroic service in a combat zone. 

Lieutenant Jack Nolan Hood was also a Purple Heart Recipient. A Purple Heart is awarded to someone who was either wounded or killed in battle at the hands of the enemy. 

Heroes Wall

As the bus pulled to the parking lot, I saw a grey wall standing on a lawn – the local veterans memorial called Heroes Wall. At first, I was a bit unimpressed – in Europe, memorials are usually in a special place, they are decorated with golden letters and there are almost always some wreaths or candles, while this one was standing next to a road near an ugly storage building and without a single flower. Additionally, as a person coming from a country where most people associate military with the despised mandatory training all men had to go through during the communistic era, the whole concept of American wars and war veterans is something I can’t relate to at all. 

With this in mind, I started to look through the stories on the wall, and slowly realized that this mural isn’t just another class trip I had to go to. But the true meaning of the wall didn’t hit me until I saw one of my classmates point at a man on the wall, saying that it’s her grandpa.

Although I was aware of the purpose of the wall from the beginning, it wasn’t till this very moment when I finally fully understood the importance it has for the local community, because it reminded me of my own great grandpa, and his name on the memorial dedicated to holocaust victims. 

Standing there in the cold and rain, my point of view suddenly changed – I saw all those men and women portrayed there not just as photos engraved into stone, but as real people, mothers, fathers, children, friends – important people.

They transformed in my mind and became people who came from this area and whose families might live a few blocks down the road. 

Being a war veteran or having a war victim in your family is a struggle we can’t truly imagine. It’s extremely important to honor people who risked and often lost their lives to protect their country, because showing love, appreciation and support for them and their families is the least we can do.   

Heroes Wall

For those who don’t know, there is a wall with people from our great military located in Biddeford, Maine. This was is a non profit that really just shows how much we all appreciate those from our military. 

This wall has people from Maine, from all over the country, some celebrities that are known from long over the country. 

It makes me very happy that I was able to go to this wall and read all of these different stories from some amazing people. One in particular stood out more then the rest based off of this mans story and what he was willing to do for his country. 

It’s known around America not to ever let an American flag touch the ground, William Harvey Carney understood the concept and refused to let the flag touch the ground despite getting shot in the face, shoulders, arms, and legs. 


To many they would’ve likely let the flag drop long before getting shot in numerous places to try to survive and make a run for it. But not this man.

He isn’t only a war hero to the country but he’s also a hero to African Americans. Born in this country as a slave, he later became the first African-American to receive a Medal of Honor. He fought in the Civil War, he was a Sgt. and made is country proud. 

The wall shows that we all are grateful for the men and women who have served for our country or who are currently serving. The wall shows to people who have family ho have or currently are serving in the military that we are all thankful for there San, daughter, father, mother, etc. 

Heroes Wall

To many, the Heroes Wall is a representation of bravery and service to our country. To me, the wall shows respect and dignity to those who were brave enough to risk their lives for our country. One wall that portrayed many different stories from people in our neighboring towns. 

This part of the wall specifically stood out to me the most. It’s hard enough to get drafted into the military as a young man, but it’s even harder to leave your newly wedded wife behind. Many marry before going into the service so the wife can value the same military benefits. However, for the families, it’s hard to separate from loved ones while the other is risking their life everyday. It’s nervewracking and I could not imagine the stress the families go through.

Two teenagers married so young but lasted 73 years together, that’s an accomplishment itself! This part of the wall made me smile. The love that people can have is so beautiful especially after your husbands been in and out of the war during your early married years. Not many families or couples would be able to do what they did. He not only made a promise to serve our country but a promise to always be there for his wife

Soldier Sacrifices

Our soldiers have made a huge sacrifice of serving our country. They put the American people’s lives in front of their own. The Heroes Wall had many amazing stories. There are many different stories about the sacrifices soldiers have faced but one stood out to me. 

A soldier was on his way home as his wife was about to go into labor. His plane was set to takeoff but his wife had gone into labor already. He wouldn’t have been able to watch the birth without a good WiFi connection. The flight was delayed so the soldier could watch the birth of his daughter on FaceTime.  

A lot of soldiers aren’t able to witness these kinds of moments and those are some other sacrifices they make. This story stands out to parents who are in duty or aren’t even in duty who miss moments like these. For example, those in service have missed births, funerals, graduations, birthdays, and holidays. They are doing such a great thing for their country but that comes with missing out on important events in their own life. 

Personally, I know someone who was away in the army when his mother was dying. The army let him come home to see her one last time. He was able to see her one more time and a day later she passed. Thankfully, he was able to see her, but unfortunately, he had missed out on the time to spend with his mother. He had to sacrifice seeing her the last year of her life in order to protect the country.

Acknowledging our soldiers and their service is so important. Sometimes soldiers just need a little pick me up to prove that serving their country is a good thing. The Heroes Wall is a great way to pay tribute to our heroes. On the wall, there were a variety of different people who had their own story. Many of those who visited the wall connected at least in one way to the wall whether it was they knew someone or they have experienced something familiar. Everyone had different emotions to each of the stories they had read.

The amount of sacrifices soldiers make don’t compare to our sacrifices. The Biddeford Heroes Wall is so much more than a wall. It’s a symbol of appreciation. Delaying a flight for a soldier to watch the birth of his daughter is a symbol of appreciation. Any chance we get, no matter how, we must always show our appreciation to those who make sacrifices for us.

American Sniper

I think the people that this wall affects most are families who have people in the military. Obviously just being in the presence of that wall brings emotions to everyone because these people have all risked their lives whether they survived or not. 

The veterans who served probably see the wall as an appreciation to them for their service. I saw people showing up to the wall to pay their respects to loved ones lost in a war. 

Personally, I have had many family members serve in the Air Force and I am very proud to call one of them my father. My family is full of people who have served our country. I hope someday the Air Force will take me in because I would love to continue this tradition of great honor that my family shares. 

My Dad was an has an award for expert marksman in the Air Force and someday I hope to be a fighter pilot and join the Air Force. 

I think that the military gets a lot of appreciation but they deserve more than what they get. These people are putting their life’s on the line and leave their families just for the simple freedoms that we take for granted every day. 

Even though this wall isn’t a huge monument, it is a very honorable wall to be on and you can just feel the emotion when in the presence of the wall. 

The person who stood out to me the most was Chris Kyle. There was a movie made about this soldier called American Sniper. I think that his story is super sad but is very meaningful.