Helmet Technology

BBBD78D7-D7D2-48FC-9D1B-09EB889B1A31Throughout the years of football as technology has improved we can see that head to head hits have become a problem. 

As technology has improved we have been able to improve safety equipment to make it less of a problem.

 One helmet company named VICIS has a very interesting helmet. Over the years they have always thought to make a hard stiff not flexible helmet but with recent studies that is the best type of helmet to have.

 The most frequent story about the first helmet was in the army navy game of 1983.

Admiral Joseph Reeve had been kicked and hit in the head so many times that his doctor said one more hit could lead to “instant insanity” he was determined to play so he had the local cobbler make a leather cap that wrapped around his head for extra protection.

This featured image shows how helmets have evolved over the years.

Vontaze Burfict suspension

Vontaze burfict should never be able to play in an NFL game again. Vontaze has had multiple suspensions in game from dirty hits and bad behavior. Recently he had the biggest in game suspension in NFL history. Vontaze is done for the season because of a head to head hit.

The judgement the NFL has faced is that his punishment is based off his previous actions. At some point the NFL had to protect the players. This suspension made a point that if you play dirty you will be punished. 

Games suspended

Vontaze Burfict has a long history of illegal hits and more. Vontaze Burfict started his long list of suspensions in 2016 with the famous hit on Antonio Brown. This hit not only was one of the dirtiest hits in history but it also caused the Bengals a playoff game. Vontaze Burfict would rather inflict pain on others then just help his team win.

Vontaze also was caught in 2018 for using performance enhancing drugs and was suspended 4 games. Obviously that has nothing to do with dirty hits but it shows his reputation in the league. Ever since 2016 he’s had trouble every year just playing the game how it was meant to play.

The NFL has chosen to suspend Vontaze Burfict for the head to head hit on Jack Doyle for the rest of the 2019 NFL season. This could easily be Vontaze Burfict’s last game because no team wants his reputation. I believe his suspension could have been a little less harsh considering even jack Doyle said the hit wasn’t that bad. But he has mad so many of these hits that it has became a health concern for other players. 

Concussions in the NFL have been a huge problem and as new studies come out all the time players are scared to play because they may have brain damage later on in life. When there are players that could care less about there own brain that they use it to tackle it can ruin players life’s and their futures.