Soldierly Sacrifices

To be a soldier in the United States Army is no easy task. Men and women sacrifice their own lives and leave behind their friends and family to fight for the freedom of their country. Although honoring American veterans and current soldiers will never be equal to the work they do for us, it’s important to do so.

The Heroes Wall in Biddeford, Maine does an amazing job of portraying the stories and experiences of many army veterans. We can read about their sacrifices and their contributions and how many people they touched all the while fighting in a war. Symbolizing all the things American veterans and soldiers leave behind to fight so that we don’t have to, The Heroes Wall is important to our community. It represents their hardships and amazing efforts in ways that words can’t show; The Heroes Wall represents my gratitude and your gratitude that we have for the people who fight for our country.

There was one story in particular that I found to be very touching. A soldier who would’ve completely missed the birth of his daughter if it weren’t for the power of technology and the kindness of the pilot who delayed his flight. It’s moments like these, when a soldier misses the birth of a child or their child’s dance recital, that remind us how lucky and how grateful we are to have people who are willing to risk their lives in order to guarantee our freedom and our safety.

Thank you American veterans, soldiers, and anyone in between for fighting for our country. Thank you for making difficult sacrifices that put your life at risk so my family and I can live in a safe place and go to sleep without fear. Thank you.

Soldier Sacrifices

Our soldiers have made a huge sacrifice of serving our country. They put the American people’s lives in front of their own. The Heroes Wall had many amazing stories. There are many different stories about the sacrifices soldiers have faced but one stood out to me. 

A soldier was on his way home as his wife was about to go into labor. His plane was set to takeoff but his wife had gone into labor already. He wouldn’t have been able to watch the birth without a good WiFi connection. The flight was delayed so the soldier could watch the birth of his daughter on FaceTime.  

A lot of soldiers aren’t able to witness these kinds of moments and those are some other sacrifices they make. This story stands out to parents who are in duty or aren’t even in duty who miss moments like these. For example, those in service have missed births, funerals, graduations, birthdays, and holidays. They are doing such a great thing for their country but that comes with missing out on important events in their own life. 

Personally, I know someone who was away in the army when his mother was dying. The army let him come home to see her one last time. He was able to see her one more time and a day later she passed. Thankfully, he was able to see her, but unfortunately, he had missed out on the time to spend with his mother. He had to sacrifice seeing her the last year of her life in order to protect the country.

Acknowledging our soldiers and their service is so important. Sometimes soldiers just need a little pick me up to prove that serving their country is a good thing. The Heroes Wall is a great way to pay tribute to our heroes. On the wall, there were a variety of different people who had their own story. Many of those who visited the wall connected at least in one way to the wall whether it was they knew someone or they have experienced something familiar. Everyone had different emotions to each of the stories they had read.

The amount of sacrifices soldiers make don’t compare to our sacrifices. The Biddeford Heroes Wall is so much more than a wall. It’s a symbol of appreciation. Delaying a flight for a soldier to watch the birth of his daughter is a symbol of appreciation. Any chance we get, no matter how, we must always show our appreciation to those who make sacrifices for us.