The Rise and Fall of Tekashi 6ix 9ine

If you ask most teenagers in 2018, who was the best new rapper, most would’ve said Tekashi 6ix 9ine. He went 10 for 10 on the billboards which many artist struggle just to get one. He was also putting out another album, Dummy Boy, which was one of the most talked about albums at the time. Then, his whole career came to a screeching halt once he flew into the JFK airport in hopes for a hometown welcome, rather he was welcomed by federal agents.  

Tekashi was also loved over Instagram because he was known to troll and call people out constantly, but in doing so it got himself into a lot of trouble with getting robbed, jumped, and during the creation of a music video the set got shot up. Then he was also on trial in 2018 for sexual assault. 

Even though most people would think that he was going through hell, he still just laughed and joked on social media, continued to creat billboard hits, and went on tour all around the world. 

Later in his success he fired his manager and the rest of his team because they were, in a way, stealing from him. The worst part about all this is that his whole team was in the same gang as Tekashi so that instantly caused problems within the gang. Tekashi then got a hit on him from his ex manager. 

Then that’s when things went really downhill. After one of his shows overseas, he flies back into America and is instantly arrested for racketeering, which means he was involved in illegal business dealings. Which most people that he would’ve gotten bailed out but nope, he was denied bail. 

While being arrested the cops connected him to many other crimes that had gone on through the country. Since then he’s been awaiting trial, and was facing 32 years to life in prison for 9 federal charges. He pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, firearms offenses, and violent crimes in aid of racketeering.

The feds offered him a deal while he was awaiting trial, asking him to snitch on practically his whole gang. One of the worst offenses a gang member could do is snitch. But Tekashi was in a tough situation, he was facing life in prison, where he would also be in the same prison with all of his ex gang members where he probably would’ve died or he can snitch and be a free man. 

Of course since the news came out about him snitching, many artist have come out basically telling him the rap game doesn’t want him anymore. Sadly that will take a toll on his potential new songs once he gets freed because so many artist will decline being a feature on his songs. 

There are still some rappers that miss him, or are saying that they would’ve done the same thing and can see why he had done it. Such as Tory Lanez, he doesn’t agree with him snitching but he had said how he does miss Tekashi for who he was as a person.

“When he was out he was a funny guy and a entertainer. And what seemed to be a genuine dude. And that side of him is the side of him I remember…One thing y’all not gone do tho is make it seem like I condone any talking on a stand of any kind.”

Disclaimer: The sound clip below contains explicit language