Heroes Wall

Americans from every corner of our country have served in the Armed Services, often without fanfare or praise. Every single person on the Heroes Wall in Biddeford should feel more than honored. The wall to the ones who served is a special piece of them and it is highly valued.

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Charles B. Snow stould out to me the most especially the medals awarded to him from the Vietnam War. Snow had about  nine medals and badges in total. The medals and badges he was awarded were the Expert Badge M-16, Expert Badge M-14, Expert Badge- Grenade, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Purple Heart- combat wounds- loss of leg, Graduate Non-Commissioned officers School, and Scout Dog Handlers School. 

He served in the U.S. Armym as a member of the infantry. As an individual he had an important role. Being a part of the infantry meant that he was the main land combat and backbone of the army. Meaning, he was responsible for keeping our country safe from threats. Also, while capturing and destroying enemy ground forces, Snow served from 1968-1970 and earned the rank of Staff Sergeant. 


The wall, in general, seems most meaningful to the community at large. As a member of this community myself, I feel so thankful when I look at these types of things. To think someone risked their life to give other humans all these wonderful opportunities that they fought for. I honor them every day. Especially since most of the people on the wall were drafted and forced to fight or they would’ve been shamed. The community at large is grateful for all the people have served. They made America what it is today and all the people who have served should feel very honored.

Heroes Wall

As the bus pulled to the parking lot, I saw a grey wall standing on a lawn – the local veterans memorial called Heroes Wall. At first, I was a bit unimpressed – in Europe, memorials are usually in a special place, they are decorated with golden letters and there are almost always some wreaths or candles, while this one was standing next to a road near an ugly storage building and without a single flower. Additionally, as a person coming from a country where most people associate military with the despised mandatory training all men had to go through during the communistic era, the whole concept of American wars and war veterans is something I can’t relate to at all. 

With this in mind, I started to look through the stories on the wall, and slowly realized that this mural isn’t just another class trip I had to go to. But the true meaning of the wall didn’t hit me until I saw one of my classmates point at a man on the wall, saying that it’s her grandpa.

Although I was aware of the purpose of the wall from the beginning, it wasn’t till this very moment when I finally fully understood the importance it has for the local community, because it reminded me of my own great grandpa, and his name on the memorial dedicated to holocaust victims. 

Standing there in the cold and rain, my point of view suddenly changed – I saw all those men and women portrayed there not just as photos engraved into stone, but as real people, mothers, fathers, children, friends – important people.

They transformed in my mind and became people who came from this area and whose families might live a few blocks down the road. 

Being a war veteran or having a war victim in your family is a struggle we can’t truly imagine. It’s extremely important to honor people who risked and often lost their lives to protect their country, because showing love, appreciation and support for them and their families is the least we can do.   

Heroes Wall

For those who don’t know, there is a wall with people from our great military located in Biddeford, Maine. This was is a non profit that really just shows how much we all appreciate those from our military. 

This wall has people from Maine, from all over the country, some celebrities that are known from long over the country. 

It makes me very happy that I was able to go to this wall and read all of these different stories from some amazing people. One in particular stood out more then the rest based off of this mans story and what he was willing to do for his country. 

It’s known around America not to ever let an American flag touch the ground, William Harvey Carney understood the concept and refused to let the flag touch the ground despite getting shot in the face, shoulders, arms, and legs. 


To many they would’ve likely let the flag drop long before getting shot in numerous places to try to survive and make a run for it. But not this man.

He isn’t only a war hero to the country but he’s also a hero to African Americans. Born in this country as a slave, he later became the first African-American to receive a Medal of Honor. He fought in the Civil War, he was a Sgt. and made is country proud. 

The wall shows that we all are grateful for the men and women who have served for our country or who are currently serving. The wall shows to people who have family ho have or currently are serving in the military that we are all thankful for there San, daughter, father, mother, etc.